Busy Life and A New Fav Site

Hello, Things have been so busy with school and getting everything done to prepare to graduate. I did find a new site I love which I have attached below for some fun reading. Give it a look here: Bleu This site goes over common things women think about as well as giving a great little [...]


I am dying to travel again! I feel like once you start traveling you get the travel bug and you just constantly want to be traveling. My dream would be to travel everywhere and write about my experiences in different places. I am going to try it out when I go to DC in a [...]

My Journal

Hello! When I was just 18, I went to London for the summer. I was over there for 5 weeks and had the time of my life. I was nervous about being there because I had never gone to another country (excluding the little Caribbean islands) and wanted to go home the first few days. [...]


Like all stories this needs an introduction. I'm Emma and I wanted to start a space for me to share my writings and get feedback from others of what they think about the writings I've done. I think being able to put my ideas out here will be very beneficial to myself as a writer [...]

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